Our Clients 2016/2017

Kunden von ELkomp

ELkomp - Kunde Toysrus



We installed a new LED light system in the sales room.

ELkomp - Kunde Asklepios

Asklepios Kliniken Hamburg

The complete lighting in the clinic and at the parking lot was modernized in 2016. 

ELkomp - Kunde Das Futterhaus


Das Futterhaus

Over 50 stores were re-equipped with LED lighting.



ELkomp - Kunde McDonald's




This client trusted us regularly over the last 7 years. 

ELkomp - Kunde Fiat Karabag


Fiat Karabag

All three locations in Hamburg have been re-equipped with LED lighting on the in- and outside.  

ELkomp - Kunde OMEGA Herrenmoden


OMEGA Herrenmoden

Mens high-quality fashion seen through high-quality LED lighting.

ELkomp - Kunde Europcar



Re-equipped with LED lighting on the in- and outside in the Lüneburger store. 

ELkomp - Kunde Wagyu-Holstein



Not only will the Kobe cows be massaged, but also they'll have a natural daylight progress through LED lighting.


ELkomp - Kunde Schauen&Kaufen



17 locations re-equipped with LED lighting


ELkomp - Kunde Hamburger Schulbehörde


Hamburger Schulbehörde

Classrooms were re-equipped to LED and also the students-network was modernized. Also we installed the ELkomp barrier gate system.