A Lot of Light in One Place

ELkomp Nord GmbH

Light creates atmosphere and plays an important role in the well-being of your employees and customers. It motivates and creates an incentive to buy—thereby contributing to commercial success.

A modern, individually customised lighting concept offers many other advantages too: it minimises electricity consumption, reduces maintenance costs, and increases security. Our lighting solutions thus pay for themselves within just a short period of time.

At ELkomp, we offer comprehensive advice, planning, and installation services for everything to do with your lighting concept. All in one place, tailored precisely to your needs. Using our own products with the ELkomp brand. And with ideas that will convince you.

Because we know that the perfect lighting solution doesn't come off the shelf. That's why we focus on individual solutions, beginning with the first assessment on your premises through to lighting design and profitability calculation, as well as project supervision and standards-compliant installation.

All at the highest level, professionally, transparently, and technically.

Take advantage of our more than 15 years of experience. Our performance strength is your success.


You can choose between several different products and we will gladly help you.  

ELkomp Nord GmbH
Elkomp LED Panel 120*30cm


We have the right solution for your task.

ELkomp Nord GmbH
Elkomp LED Lichtband


Thanks to a very low power consumption of our product, you wont have to invest any money. Ask us how! 

ELkomp Nord GmbH
Elkomp Leasing Modell